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I-94 & HWY G  EXIT #327

About Us

BLACKJACK FIREWORKS is one of the leading consumer firework companies.  We offer a selection of over 2,000 products, along with top of the line customer service.   All of the products carried are of the highest quality and the greatest value.

BLACKJACK FIREWORKS features NINJA BRAND FIREWORKS along with many other firework brands, including Brothers and Shogun and others.   The product selection includes the greatest and newest fireworks in such categories as artillery shells, firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles, along with many other products including 500 gram cakes, aerial repeater cakes, fountains, novelties and many more items.

NINJA BRAND FIREWORKS is one of the top firework manufactures in the industry.  NINJA produces the most exciting and spectacular artillery shells, 500 gram cakes, firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, aerial tubes, aerial cakes, and assortment packages that are all of the highest quality and greatest value.  NINJA BRAND FIREWORKS include NINJA PRODUCTS , BAD TO THE BONE PRODUCTS and HELL'S INFERNO PRODUCTS.

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